lunedì 19 aprile 2010

Nob on "The Sartorialist"

We have participated to "Vintage Photo Contest" on The Sartorialist.
Our photo was chosen and published today and we are so glad of it.
BUT there is an unsolved mystery: the description attached to the photo was posted and after a few hours it disappeared.
Maybe we don't deserve an answer and we bet we won't ever have it...
Anyway we don't like polemic.
We have decided to present again the text that was originally under the photo for our readers and for those who are curious to know about it.

For the photo click here:
"Milano (?), Vintage Photo Contest"

I have been collecting photos of fascinating men of the past, unearthed from antique shops and flea markets for a year or so, when my blog was born and I was in utopian search of the secret of male elegance. Of that eternal and incorruptible elegance that no longer belongs to the generation of my father, the generation that lived the ’68, but that one of my grandparents. Just a shirt and a coat made everyone like professional actor and also the streets of a small town of Southern Italy, where I come from, looked majestic Hollywood sets. Everybody aimed to the order, but above all to the dignity and respect for oneself and others, from the doctor to the shoemaker. The golden age from my point of view.
After I had found out about “Celine Book Contest #1” I took the opportunity to give voice to this so composed and refined man, masculine and relaxed in this so emblematic image of my entire collection. Certainly not the most ancient and precious one, studied and artificial, but it caught me at first sight for its modernity. I decided to share with you this photo because in this way it will not only be the container of my memory, but also part of the rich and variegated global memory, which is so powerful and overwhelming that it will be able to give it a second life. So this man’s heartbeat will match to each click of the virtual visitor in the site, ready to offer us his everlasting style lesson. Am I a little bit too romantic? Maybe, but my heart belongs to another age...

Leonardo Iuffrida

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