mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Models Backstage - Trussardi 1911 Fall/Winter 2011-12

Francisco Lachowski

Clément Chabernaud and Alexandre Cunha

Tomek Szczukiecki and Philipp Bierbaum

Max Panichetti

Arthur Daniyarov and Vladimir Rotar

Joan Mirangels, Lucho Jacob, Nicolas Ripoll and Philip Milojevic

Jonathan and Kevin Ferreina Sampaio with Nils Butler

Jonathan and Kevin Ferreina Sampaio

Model and Zhao Lei

Nicolas Ripoll and Oscar Spendrup

Texas Olsson

Vince Robitaille

Michael Wozniak

Linus Gustin, Rob Evans and Tim Rueger

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All the photos by Alessandro Mancarella and Leonardo Iuffrida
If you will use any of these pics, please source them to Nob homepage.

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  1. Ciao! Avete un grande blog. Tomek Szczukiecki Remainds me of the lead singer of the finnish band HIM, Ville Valo.

  2. You are right Alaroy. They have similar features.
    Thank you for the nice words,

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